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Fox 10: Phoenix and state sued after Operation Tin Man

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – As the case against thefreeway shooter falls apart, we’re learningthis isn’t the first time a DPS case hasunraveled before them. It happened severalyears ago during an investigation into alocal salvage yard.The case dubbed “Operation Tin Man”targeted a local company that DPS sayswas operating as a criminal organization.But years later the case is […]

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Hendrix Salvage Company Inc. buys a widevariety of equipment and any form of scrapmetal with immediate payment. We willcome to you or you can deliver to our sitein Phoenix, Arizona. With our new fleet ofroll-off dumpsters and flatbed trucks wecan provide reliable service not only foryour scrap metal and salvage equipmentbut also your trash and […]

Arizona auto recycler receives reimbursement for off-target police raid

Hendrix Salvage receives $180,000 settlement from the city of Phoenix and state of Arizona. June 21, 2016Recycling Today Staff Auto ShreddingFerrousLegislation & Regulations When Hendrix Salvage Co. in Phoenix was the target of an anti-auto theft ring raid by Phoenix and Arizona state police in October 2013, the raid was covered by several media outlets, […]