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We offer companies and individuals the opportunity to reduce waste and generate quick income from scrap metals. We also have free commercial containerized service for scrap metals – delivered and picked up directly from your business!

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Fox 10: Phoenix and state sued after Operation Tin Man


PHOENIX (KSAZ) – As the case against the freeway shooter falls apart, we’re learning this isn’t the first time a DPS case has unraveled before them. It happened several years ago during an investigation into a local salvage yard.

The case dubbed “Operation Tin Man” targeted a local company that DPS says was operating as a criminal organization. But years later the case is over, and now the State of Arizona and City of Phoenix are paying up big. This after the salvage company claims law enforcement officials botched an investigation.
DPS accused the salvage yard of accepting stolen cars and metal; the business owners say the accusations are false. After the company had sued, the state agreed to pay $180,000 to settle the civil case.

In 2013, DPS and Phoenix Police raided a scrap yard as part of Operation Tin Man. At the time authorities accused Hendrix Salvage of trafficking stolen property.

“It was kind of like an army style raid, they threw a lot of people on the ground, marched them outside and confiscated everything in the yard and all of the equipment,” said Lyle Hendrix.

Within a year, authorities returned all the seized property, and no one at the business was ever criminally charged. Now the city and state are paying up to the company. Hendrix sued, accusing them of excessive raid tactics, and saying they seized property without properly serving the forfeiture complaint.

The state and city agreed to pay $180,000 to settle the case out of court.

“I’m happy it’s over, the initial raid caused us grief, sleepless nights, a lot of customers fell off the board,” he said.

The AZ Department of Administration paid the settlement on behalf of DPS and said, “The settlement is a compromise of a disputed claim and is not to be construed as an admission of liability on the part of the state defendants, by whom liability is expressly denied.”

View Full Story Here: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/141009970-story (more…)

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We love scrap metal!

Hendrix Salvage Company Inc. buys a wide variety of equipment and any form of scrap metal with immediate payment.  We will come to you or you can deliver to our site in Phoenix, Arizona.  With our new fleet of roll-off dumpsters and flatbed trucks we can provide reliable service not only for your scrap metal and salvage equipment but also your trash and waste.  We buy chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, boilers, electric motors, pumps, transformers, and any form of scrap metal.

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Recycling Today Magazine: Arizona auto recycler reimbursed for off-target police raid


When Hendrix Salvage Company in Phoenix was the target of an anti-auto theft ring raid by Phoenix and Arizona state police in October 2013, the raid was covered by several media outlets, including Recycling Today.

Subsequently, Hendrix and its owners say they have been cleared of all charges, and more than two-and-a-half years later Hendrix has announced a settlement with the city and state designed in part to help the firm restore its reputation.

According to attorneys with Carefree, Arizona-based Alan M. Simpson P.C., Hendrix Salvage Company has agreed to accept $180,000 from the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona in order to settle a federal suit the company filed after no charges resulted from the raid.

The raid was part of an investigation of regional salvage yards known at the time as “Operation Tin Man.” Law enforcement raided the salvage yards on Oct. 16, 2013, charging some employees and workers for allegedly trafficking in stolen property.

Officers seized bank accounts and equipment from Hendrix, and law enforcement authorities alerted regional media outlets in advance so they could publicize the raids. As well, according to the Simpson law firm, “Authorities later conducted a press conference to make criminal allegations against some Hendrix family members.”

But, according to Alan M. Simpson P.C. and the Hendrix law suit, investigators got it wrong. No criminal charges were ever filed against owners Lyle and Ronnie Hendrix nor against any Hendrix Salvage Company employee. All of Hendrix’ seized equipment and accounts were ultimately returned to the firm in 2014.

Hendrix Salvage is a multi-million-dollar commercial recycler that has been doing business in the Phoenix-area for more than 18 years, according to Lyle Hendrix. “We always have been a friend to police and the community,” he comments. “The investigators in Operation Tin Man should have just talked with us instead of rushing in with guns and taking everything.”

Hendrix’ attorneys, Alan Simpson and Sean Forrester, say the state commenced forfeiture proceedings in January 2014, but those ended with a dismissal and the property being returned. “All Hendrix wanted at the time was an apology, a simple apology, and that would have been the end of it,” says Simpson.

Instead, Forrester says, when no apology was forthcoming, the subsequent settlement “has helped them feel the wrongs against them were recognized.”

Read the whole story: http://www.recyclingtoday.com/article/hendrix-salvage-arizona-settlement-recycling/ (more…)

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Diamondbacks Commercial!

The Diamondbacks requested to come to our yard and film a short commercial of us dropping a junk vehicle with our crane on the mascot, Baxter! (more…)

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Hendrix Salvage recycles anything!

Appliances are great to recycle, they typically consist of about 75% steel. We can recycle washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ranges, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and water heaters.

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Buy scrap metals for cash!

Aluminum, aluminum cans, copper, insulated copper, brass, radiators, stainless, motors, compressors, batteries, steel, appliances, generators, breakers, switches, air compressors, clean room equipment, transformers, chillers and cooling towers. We offer containerized service for trash or scrap for larger quantities. Commercial and industrial accounts welcome. Please call for pricing and delivery arrangements.

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