• 3125 S. 51st Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043

Bring us your scrap metal and we will pay you for it! 


Materials we accept:

A/C Radiators, A/C Units, Aluminum: Cans, Cast, Extruded, MLC, Rims, and Insulated, Batteries, Brass (Red and Yellow), Compressors, Copper and Insulated Copper, Electric Motors, Lead, Radiators, Stainless Steel, Steel (Prepared, Unprepared, Sheet), Steel Motor Blocks, and Vehicles – with an open title.

What do you need to know?

  • If your ticket is over $25, we will need a driver’s license and a fingerprint.
  • If your ticket is over $300, a check will have to be mailed to your address on your id.
  • If you are a contractor and have a contractors number, we will need an industrial account form filled out with a copy of the contractor’s license or tax id number.  Companies can receive checks on the spot; they don’t have to be mailed.
  • We will recycle your vehicle with an open title.
  • Don’t strip your copper wire!! We cannot accept stripped copper wire from the public.